Helping Hard-to-Decarbonize Sectors Achieve Net-Zero Goals

Our platform technology upgrades biogas to produce renewable natural gas and purifies syn-gases to produce blue and turquoise hydrogen

The Smallest Gas Refining System

INTRUPTor Systems are highly scalable, module systems designed to match the scale of dispersed feedstock

Game Changing on Scale, Cost, & CI Score

An INTRUPTor plant is half the size of conventional gas clean-up systems. High efficiency and a smaller footprint with lower capital and operating costs produces clean fuels for much less.

Manufacturing our core technology

INTRUPTor is an acronym for Intensified Regenerative Upgrading Platform Technology and has several proprietary core technologies that enable the system to operate at ambient conditions without costly vacuum or pressure requirements

Introducing the INTRUPTor™

Significant capital- and operating-cost savings over conventional gas-upgrading technologies

We stand apart on both capital and operating costs: Improving the customer profitability and opening project opportunities that were once considered too small, unaffordable, or even impossible.

Up to 50% lower capital and operating costs

Better separation efficiency reduces energy demand

Modular, skid-mounted systems

Fewer balance-of-plant components

Less hardware equals less maintenance costs

Operates in ambient conditions without vacuum or pressure

About Us

We Are New but we’re not a start up

Hydron is quickly commercializing two versions of its INTRUPTor Module by building on our Founder’s prior successes. The senior technical team, which has worked together in the past, is leveraging its broad experience to chart a short path to profitability. 

Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Hydron Energy is a melting pot of abilities, amalgamated into an unstoppable force with the Founder’s intellectual property and experience at its core. Each member contributes their own perspective and passion to our culture of innovation.

years' experience


Team Memers



Game-Changing Technology for Creating Low-Carbon Fuels

First Commercial Products

INTRUPTor™ I-Multi RNG Upgrader

While Hydron’s proprietary gas-separation platform technology is highly capable of cleaning up a variety of fuels, we are currently focused on providing an affordable and scalable solution to produce renewable natural gas from anaerobically digested biofuels.


upgrading biogas to RNG

Hydron’s INTRUPTor is distinguished in the market by its simplicity and compact size and capable of producing 20 Nm3/hr to 2,000 Nm3/hr of RNG.

Agricultural and agri-food sector

The system’s scalability provides easy accessibility to dispersed crop residues, animal manure, and food waste, which make up two-thirds of Canada’s easily available biogas resources.

Wastewater Treatment Sites

RNG can be produced by anaerobically digesting and then upgrading the solids removed in the wastewater treatment process. There are more than 1,200 WWTP in Canada and 16,000 WWTP in the U.S. 


i-multi mobile solution centre

A first-of-its-kind mobile pilot, the I-Multi Mobile Solution Centre can travel directly to you and show how the system works in a real-world context. 

  • Methane Recovery 98% 98%
  • Capital Cost 50% 50%
  • Electricity Use 35% 35%
  • Maintenance Cost 50% 50%

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