Unlocking Cleaner Fuels for a Net-Zero World

Hydron Energy is helping hard-to-decarbonize sectors, such as transportation, meet future energy demands and net-zero goals. We are improving the economics and expanding the potential for upgrading biogas to renewable natural gas (RNG) and syngas and process tail gas to blue hydrogen.

And, we are just getting started.


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Why Choose Hydron & its INTRUPTor

Better Separation Energy Efficiency

Reduces energy demand and decreases operating costs.

High Productivity, Smaller Footprint

Modular, skid-mounted systems result in lower capital costs.

Simple System Design

Fewer balance-of-plant components translates to less capital cost and less maintenance.

Lower Operating Costs

Efficient system operation and lower pressure requirements lower energy consumption.

Hydron is commercializing its proprietary gas-separation platform technology based on proven products developed by the founder over the past few decades. The Upgrading Platform Technology, INTRUPT, offers 50% capital and operating cost savings over conventional technologies and creates a strong business case even without government incentives and subsidies

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Hydron is pursuing field locations in Canada and the U.S. to demonstrate its INTRUPTor systems.


One Platform Technology, Multiple Uses

Biogas Upgrading

Creating pipeline-quality renewable natural gas (RNG), also known as biomethane, by rapidly removing contaminants and inert gases.

Blue Hydrogen

Purifying syngas streams to produce blue hydrogen for on-site hydrogen fueling stations or onboard hydrogen generating systems.

Green Ammonia

Exploring ways to leverage the INTRUPT process to reduce the amount of CO2 produced during the ammonia manufacturing process.

Additional Applications

Pursuing additional applications to resolve gas-seperation scenarios that are too costly or challenging using current technologies, such as for rare gas and air separation recovery.

Mission & Vision

Unlock Cleaner Fuels for a Net-Zero World

Climate change is one of the most urgent challenges facing our planet. And like all challenges, it also presents incredible opportunities. At Hydron, we are a group of dreamers and builders, who borrow from our past experiences to drive our future endeavours. We believe we can create economical fuels with lower carbon intensities that support the drive for a net-zero world.


About Us

From our Founder

Our earth, its features and products, collectively form our nature. Nature lives over time and transformers significantly without generating any waste. Waste, in any form (solid, liquid, or gas) is a byproduct of human activities. Large-scale waste production began in the 19th century with our ‘industrial revolution’. We became more responsible in solid and liquid waste management in recent decades. However gaseous waste has not been managed properly. At Hydron, we tackle this matter by decarbonizing upstream of the energy sector. We remove carbon from fuels before consumption so no venues left to generate waste CO2.

Soheil Khiavi, President & CEO

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Hydron Energy works with a range of businesses to explore ways to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and achieve targets. We are uniquely positioned to explore partnership opportunities to develop, own, and operate new RNG & hydrogen production projects.

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Hydron is the cleaner fuel company unlocking net-zero energy for the hard-to-decarbonize sectors, like transportation.

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