Compare: When it Comes to Scale, the INTRUPTor™ is in a League of its Own

Renewable natural gas, RNG, is a clean fuel available to help hard-to-decarbonize sectors, such as transportation, meet future energy demands and net-zero goals. According to recent studies, two of the four factors restricting RNG’s contribution potential to Canada’s energy supply are logistical constraints, including the distance between many feedstocks and the closest natural gas pipeline, and the high cost of RNG production.

Hydron Energy is commercializing a new clean fuel production process with best-in-class project economics for scalable biogas upgrading plants. The INTRUPTor™, which stands for Intensified Regenerative Upgrading Platform Technology, provides higher separation efficiency, a smaller footprint, and lower costs than conventional technologies. 

As a rapid cycle adsorption technology, the INTRUPTor™ overcomes the inherent disadvantages of conventional membrane and pressure swing adsorption technologies currently used in gas upgrading; namely, high pressure ratio requirements, slow cycle speeds, relatively large inventory of adsorbent, complex balance of the plant, and large number of ancillary equipment.

The INTRUPTor™ operates in ambient conditions and uses waste or low-grade heat for regeneration, which reduces energy consumption and eliminates the need for compressors and vacuum pumps. This results in a significant reduction in installation and operational costs and a superior carbon intensity score. These advantages allow for efficient scalability and will unlock access to smaller on-site biomass feedstocks with negative carbon intensity from the agriculture and agri-food sectors, avoid methane emissions, and enable widespread adoption of RNG production in areas without direct access to the pipeline.

With its 50% CAPEX and OPEX savings combined with its small scale, the INTRUPTor™ will unlock access to RNG production for dispersed feedstocks and produce RNG onsite for local fueling needs or to a virtual pipeline system – or a combination of both. 

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