Visionaries & Builders

At Hydron Energy, we believe the world is shaped by a few people with disruptive ideas fuelled by the ambition to make them happen.

Everyone here is working on their own moon shot. From the founders to the engineers, the technicians to the business team, we are all applying 1000% thinking to all our efforts and challenges. That’s what it takes to do something radically different and, possibly, save the world.

Soheil Khiavi

Soheil Khiavi

Founder, President, & CEO

  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Former founder and CTO of Inventys (now Svante)
  • More than two decades of experience in the high-tech energy field
  • Published hundreds of patents in energy and gas processing
  • Former Director of Technology Group of Xebec Adsorption

Soheil Khiavi has worked in the high-tech energy field for more than two decades and has published hundreds of patents in energy and gas processing. He worked for QuestAir Technologies and Xebec Adsorption developing rapid cycle pressure swing and kinetic adsorption products for hydrogen, oxygen, and methane separation applications until 2011. He founded Inventys (now Svante) in 2007 and was Chief Technology Officer until 2019 to develop his invention and commercialize post-combustion carbon capture plants.

Soheil Khiavi graduated with a M.E.Sc. of Chemical Engineering from University of Western Ontario in 2001.

Mani Chopra

Mani Chopra

Founder & Investor

  • Well-connected entrepreneur with capital markets expertise
  • Founded Potash One with initial market cap of $6M; sold for $430M
  • Managed all commercial aspects to take more than 25 companies public on North American Stock Exchanges since 1990

Mani Chopra founded Potash One Inc., a junior potash mining firm, which was initially acquired as a greenfield project for $4 million and sold within four years in a transaction worth $434 million. His formula for success included attracting further strategic capital, advancing the company from development into production, and in finality, attracting a multi-billion dollar global conglomerate buyer. Today, the buyer has invested in excess of $3 billion and has one of its largest most-successful operations in Canada.

In addition to a knack for recognizing a business opportunity, Mani’s strengths include connecting people and designing a company’s capital structure to optimize access to financial resources.

Mani has both a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws. He is married with two teenage daughters.

Let’s Build Something

Hydron Energy works with a range of businesses to explore ways to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and achieve targets. We are uniquely positioned to explore partnership opportunities to develop, own, and operate new RNG & hydrogen production projects.

Please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Hydron is the cleaner fuel company unlocking net-zero energy for the hard-to-decarbonize sectors, like transportation.

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