Biogas Upgrading Made Easy

The INTRUPT Process, which is short for Intensified Regenerative Upgrading Platform Technology process, turns waste gases into clean fuels.

This proprietary adsorption-based technology is noted for its simplicity, compact size, and fast response time — characteristics that translate to capital and operating cost savings plus better carbon intensity results.

Stands Apart

  • Capital and operating costs reduced by 50% over conventional systems
  • Miniscule loss of methane
  • Easy site access with mobile platform
  • Simple start up with turnkey system
  • Suitable for most operations with scalability from 20-2,000 Nm3/hr


Hydron’s INTRUPTor is distinguished in the market by its simplicity and compact size.

  • Low-grade energy is used to achieve high-efficiency gas separation.
  • High separation efficiency retains 99% of product gas and provides minimal methane loss..
  • There is no need for post-treatment units on the exhaust — contrary to competing systems.
  • Due to atmospheric operating conditions, major balance-of-plant components are no longer needed.
  • High-demand components such as compressors, vacuums, and other ancillary equipment are not required.
  • Doesn’t require refrigeration or compression.
  • 50% lower capital and operating costs compared to the current commercial products.

Parallel Passage Contactors

Proprietary proven process technology uses laminar flow fluid passages made of nanotechnology-based active materials.  

Process Cycle

Highly efficient rapid cycle provides high purity and high recovery. Uses low grade heat as driving force.

Rotary Valves

Proprietary dynamic valves and seals drive a rapid cyclic process that is optimized for minimum loss and provides a dynamic response for process transients.

Process Integration

Proven contaminant removal combined within the pre- and post-treatment systems.

Revolutionary Approach, Evolutionary Changes

Hydron’s unique multi-swing technology platform, known as the INTRUPTor, is the culmination of our Founder’s learnings, research, testing, and commercial deployments during the past 20+ years. This progress has led to significant improvements through the technology generations. 

Gen I Biogas Upgrading System

This system uses pressure/vacuum as driving force with costly compressors and vaccum pumps. The separation media could be an adsorbent or a membrane. These systems occupy large footprints and costly pressure vessels are required to contain the media. A complex valve matrix and control is required to obtain optimal efficiency. Due to above attributes, the cost of Gen I Biogas Upgrading Systems is high.

Gen II Biogas Upgrading System

The invention of rotary valves introduced Gen II Biogas Upgrading Systems to the market in early 2000. These systems cost less than Gen I and occupy smaller footprint. The separation media are conventional adsorbent beads; hence, overall efficiency and operating costs of the Gen II systems are similar to Gen I.

Gen III Biogas Upgrading System The INTRUPTor

This constitutes a disruptive product in the biogas market. INTRUPTor’s superior efficiency and economy reduces RNG production costs to align with natural gas. INTRUPTor uses advanced rotary valve technology, novel parrallel passage contactor media, and a proprietary process cycle, which enable the upgrading process to occur under ambient conditions. INTRUPTor does not require feed compressor/vacuum pump, feed gas drying unit, nor exhaust gas post-treatment system.

Rapid Cycle

Improves resource efficiency with its faster process rate.

Higher Productivity

Provides minimum methane loss with a better recovery rate.

Smaller footprint

Less real estate needed to situate plant on crowded sites.

low installation cost

Less components means less time and resources needed to install.

lower capital cost

Smaller plant size and less ancilliary equipment cuts capital costs.

lower energy consumption

Less equipment translates to lower energy requirements.

lower operating cost

Less energy required and fewer personnel needed to operate the system.

low maintenance

Technology avoids corrosion and erosion caused by contaminants from the biogas.

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