Our Technology Original

The INTRUPTor, which is short for Intensified Regeneration Upgrading Platform Technology, turns waste gases into clean fuels.


Our Technology Original

the Intruptor™

gas upgrading platform technology

Unlike conventional technologies that are centures-old and repurposed for the clean fuel market, Hydron’s INTRUPTor™ system is purpose-built to enhance RNG and clean hydrogen gas clean up.

Bolstered by decades of experience designing and commissioning gas upgrading technologies and carbon capture systems, Soheil Khiavi developed a radically new system based on a multi-swing process.

The INTRUPTor™ leverage four core elements:

Parrallel Passage Contactors

Rapid Regenerative Cycle

Dynamic Rotary Valve

System Integration & Control

It’s the combined effort of these elements that enables the system to operate at ambient conditions without costly vacuum or pressure requirements.

Platform Technology

One system — Unlimited opportunities

The INTRUPTor™ System is an enabling technology that many existing players can broadly deploy to refine dirty gaseous fuels and create low-carbon energy and valuable gaseous or liquid products.

Game Changing platform technology

Cleaner Fuels + Economic Opportunities

Designed to efficiently strip pre-combustion CO2 and other impurities from process gas streams, the INTRUPTor™ System creates low-carbon, carbon-neutral, and carbon-negative fuels compatible with existing distribution infrastructure and end-market requirements.

entry market

Upgrading Biogas to RNG

A scalable low-cost biogas upgrading system to produce renewable natural gas from a variety of dispersed feedstocks.

expansion market

Blue & Turquoise Hydrogen

Onsite fuelling stations and onboard hydrogen purification on large transport vehicles, such as ships.

lower capex, opex, & better CI score

The Smallest Gas Refining Technology

An INTRUPTor plant is half the size of conventional gas clean-up systems while producing clean fuels for much less. In addition, its proprietary core components and design provide significant savings and a better carbon intensity score.

Biogas Upgrading Made Easy

Hydron’s proprietary adsorption-based technology is noted for its simplicity, compact size, and fast response time — characteristics that translate to capital and operating cost savings plus better carbon intensity results. The INTRUPTor™ system, shown here at scale, is capable of producing 1,300 Nm3/hr of RNG from anaerobically digested biogas. 

Overcoming scale-related barriers

A low-cost and high-efficiency scalable system meets financial needs at low production volumes and will proliferate more projects.

Best-in-class carbon intensity score

About half the size of conventional gas clean-up systems, INTRUPTors provide cleaner fuels and a methane-abatement solution.

System Benefits

INTRUPTor™ Systems stand apart from conventional systems.

Regenerative cycle completes in second

Operates in ambient conditions without added vacuum or pressure

Highly scalable dynamic rotary valves

Immobilized adsorbent materials prevent attrition

Heavy lifting done by proprietary nanomaterials

99.5+% methane recovery


i-multi mobile solution centre

A first-of-its-kind mobile demonstration plant, the I-Multi Mobile Solution Centre can travel directly to you and show how the system works in a real-world context. 

  • Methane Recovery 98% 98%
  • Capital Cost 50% 50%
  • Electricity Use 35% 35%
  • Maintenance Cost 50% 50%


upgrading biogas to RNG

Hydron’s INTRUPTor is distinguished in the market by its simplicity and compact size and capable of producing 20 Nm3/hr to 2,000 Nm3/hr of RNG.

Agricultural and agri-food sector

The system’s scalability provides easy accessibility to dispersed crop residues, animal manure, and food waste, which make up two-thirds of Canada’s easily available biogas resources.

Wastewater Treatment Sites

RNG can be produced by anaerobically digesting and then upgrading the solids removed in the wastewater treatment process. There are more than 1,200 WWTP in Canada and 16,000 WWTP in the U.S.